Brochures are ideal for delivering a lot of information to your audience. Let your message breathe across multiple panels printed on either satin or gloss material. Your brochures can be as wide or condensed as you’d like as we offer many different sizes and folding options to let your pamphlet fit in any desired space. If you need a custom brochure, take a look at our graphic design services to have our talented design team build you one from scratch!

  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Aqueous or Gloss options available
  • Printed on 80 lb or 100 lb paper
  • Half Fold, Letter Fold and Tri Fold options

Common Brochure Sizes and Uses

11″x25.5″ Brochures can pack a boat load of content and still fold down into a practical 8.5×11 size. This size can also be available in 4 fold for those who need more panels to divide information. Very few options offer the mass and volume of space like this size does.

17″x22″ Brochures provide the same advantages as a 11″x25.5″ size but with more folding options. This size allows for folding options such as: Roll Fold, Accordion Fold, Z Fold, French Fold, Double Parallel Fold and more! If you need a large size brochure with a wide array of folding options, this is a good choice.

11″x17″ Brochures are a classic favorite for businesses. It’s size is ideal for a modest wealth of information without taking up someone’s entire mailbox. This size allows for every folding option you can think of, whether you need a French Fold, Double Gate Fold or Tri Fold. This size has remained a solid choice for a good reason.

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