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We’ve been creating unique menus for years. Pulsar Print custom designs every menu to perfectly match the look and feel of our clients’ restaurants. Our products are available in many different sizes so that platters and pictures fit comfortably. Whether you are an upscale establishment in need of an elegant design, or a no-frills pizzeria; we can craft a perfect solution to display your items beautifully.

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Takeout Menus

Nobody does custom design in an array of sizes like Pulsar Print. Our Takeout products have attracted restaurants from across the country. Our services are quick and painless at an affordable cost.

Takeout Menus

Dine In Menus

Make your dine in menu a welcome companion to the table. Pulsar Print offers a wide range of materials and finishing options to complement your dining room. Custom designed to be as elegant or casual as you like.

Dine In Menus


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Magnificent Menus

Make your menu more than just a piece of paper. A menu should excite your guests and be a table top companion to the aesthetic of your restaurant. You don’t need to be a five-star bistro to have an elegant look.

Pulsar Print approaches each new menu with a fresh perspective. We try to get inside the mind of your patrons and figure out how they would interact with your dining options.

Using color and placement, we can emphasize certain dishes or employ a mouth-watering picture from our huge library or stock images to draw a customer’s eye.

Size and material is almost as important as the design! That’s why we offer many sizes for our takeout menus and a variety of materials for our dine in menus to suit your needs. These options are an important part of what makes our solutions unique to our clients.

You wouldn’t settle for low-quality ingredients in your food, so why settle on a mediocre menu?

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