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Dine In Menus

Laminated, Tearproof, Insert or Single Page. Every Choice is a Winner

All of Our Dine In Menus Offer the Following:

  • Quality Paper

  • Designs that Match Your Takeout Menu or Interior

  • Quantity Discounts

  • Finishing Options Like Spiral Color or Custom Insert Menu Jackets

Our Dine In Menu Sizes

laminated menu

Laminated Menus

  • Spiral Bound with Strong Plastic
  • Crystal Clear 10 Mil Lamination
  • Flush Cut to the Edge For Durability
  • Elegant and Long Lasting
tearproof menu

Tearproof / Waterproof Menus

  • Highest Quality Paper Requires No Lamination
  • Waterproof Synthetic Paper Can Be Washed and Withstands Any Spill
  • Folded and Saddle Stitched
  • A Classy Option for All Restaurants
insert menu

Insert Menus

  • Great for Restaurants with Frequent Changes
  • Insert Jackets are Available in Different Styles and Finishes
  • Easy Opening Allows for Quick Page Swaps
single menu

Single Page Menus

  • Ideal for Bar Menus or Special Menus That Stay on the Table
  • Uses 10 Mil Crystal Clear Lamination
  • Custom Sized to Fit Your Needs and Table

Price Comparison for Takeout Menus

11x17 Menus

$900Starts at
  • Standard Size Menu
  • Small Menu for Simple Restaurants
  • Most Inexpensive Option

11x22 Menus

$1250Starts at
  • Extra Wide Menu
  • Allows Space for Many Menu Options
  • Extra Fold Gives a Unique Look

13x19 Menus

$1250Starts at
  • Taller and Wider than Standard
  • Bigger Cover and Size for Pictures
  • Taller Size Allows for Bigger Fonts

13x22 Menus

$1400Starts at
  • Oversize – Our Biggest Option
  • Biggest Cover Allows for Big Possiblities
  • Will Stand Out Among Other Menus

Booklet Menus

$1850Starts at
  • Multiple Pages for Multiple Uses
  • 8 Pages to Add Big Pictures, Large Fonts or Many Menu Options
  • Allows for the Most Amount of Space

Not Just a Piece of Paper

What makes a menu good? Is it the pictures? The clean layout of your platters? The dazzling cover?

As a result of making menus for over a decade; we’ve learned how to make our menus that are both functional and unique. Nobody offers the amount of customization than Pulsar Print. From our array of sizes to our selection of pictures and fonts; we make great takeout menus that are unique to your business.

By keeping in close contact with our clients throughout the whole process, your menu is guaranteed to be designed to your standards. Our clients are encouraged to come into the office and work along side our designers if they wish, to offer a degree of control over your menu that few other businesses can offer.

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