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Takeout Done Right

So many styles, sizes and designs! Built form the ground up, the way you like it.

So Many Sizes

Tri Fold or Quad Fold Menus

Our Takeout Menus range in sizes. Our most popular sizes are:
• 11×17: Standard Size Menu
•11×22: A Wider Version of Our 11×17
• 13×19: Taller and Wider for Extra Pictures or Text
• 13×22: Oversized! Our Biggest Folded Menu

Booklet Style Menus

Multiple pages for multiple possibilities. Folds to 8.5×11 with stitched spine for up to 8 pages! Check out some samples

Mailing Options

All of our menus can be set up to mail with our direct mailing service. We build custom lists using maps and area reports.
Get More Info About Our Direct Mailing Service

Our Takeout Menu Process

Step 1. Pick Your Size
By evaluating how many platters you offer, we suggest the best size to comfortably fit your menu. After that, we decide how many folds your menu will have.
Step 2. Pick Your Quantity
We can help you decide how many menus you need based on factors like how often you change prices and if you are planning on doing a mailing campaign. Keep in mind that you will always save money with larger quantities.
Step 3. Pick Your Style
If your restaurant or business was a person, what would they be like? Expressive? Subdued? Eccentric? These questions help us plan how to approach designing your menu so that it best suits your business. We encourage our clients to bring in other menus that they like and find out how we can apply it to their current menu. If you don’t have any design in mind we have hundreds of menu samples to spark an idea.
Step 4. Development
This step is where we differ from the run-of-the-mill menu farms. Our designers are available to either sit with you during the design process or work with you by email/phone correspondence. This gives you 1-1 contact with the designer so that you can make sure the menu is up to your standards. We start by creating a rough draft of your menu, and then allow you to change and correct any design elements or prices/items.
Step 5. Printing
After the menu has been approved we send it to print where it typically takes a week to finish production. We work with the most skilled press printers on the East Coast.
Step 6. Mailing Service
We offer a full mailing service for our clients who are interested in it. You’ll be working with us to build a map and schedule to send your menus to your hungry customers. You can find more about how we do mailing here.

Don’t Forget About Dine In Menus

You’ve thought about getting a Takeout Menu. But what about a beautiful dine in menu for your guests? We offer gorgeous Dine In Menu options that can match the expert design on your Takeout Menu!