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So Many Ways to Send

What is direct mail marketing? Direct mailing includes 3 different methods to get your flyer, brochure, postcard to your audience. Why is it important? Reaching your audience with a physical flyer or postcard is still a necessary tool despite the digital age we live in. When it comes to advertising a new special, announcement or opening; mailing your material is a method our clients swear by to get results.

Carrier Route Address Printing

The USPS breaks down regions into “Carrier Routes” which are specific neighborhoods and areas that make up a zip code. The routes are shown on a map and can be hand picked by you to target a specific area.
This option is more affordable than targeted mailing as it uses more general criteria to be sent out. The only role you have is helping us pick the areas you’d wish to mail to. The printing, sorting, deliver and post office dealings are all handled by us. Carrier Route Address Printing is a good way to affordably send mail without being involved in the hassle.

Targeted Mailing

Targeted Mailing is the ideal method when you have a message intended for a specific audience. Say you are a Lawn Service that is looking for elderly customers with a yard over 1000 square feet.
Luckily we have such parameters that can find home owners over the age of 65 with a yard exceeding that area to send a postcard to. Our criteria can create endless possibilities allowing you the get creative when tailoring a campaign to clientele you wish to tap into. Targeted mailing is an ideal way to make every flyer or postcard give you good results you can benefit from.


Some people don’t mind dealing with the post office themselves to save money. For those people we offer EDDM as an option. We set up your piece for EDDM by printing the EDDM indicia on your mail piece and sorting your flyer, brochure or postcard into 100 bundled stacks so they can be delivered to the post office. The drawback is that the client is responsible for delivering their pieces to the correct facility and dealing with the USPS themselves.
This method delivers all pieces to every address in that facility’s region with no real way to control which specific area it goes to. Lastly, for more information on EDDM guidelines, you can find it here.

Direct Mail Quote

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Our Direct Mailing Process

  • Determine the audience by using factors like income, age, home value, property square footage etc.
  • Narrow down the area you wish to target. To find the right area to mail to, we break down local areas into mailing routes which you can hand pick yourself. Another option is to send your material to a state or county based on specific criteria.
  • Address printing can now start where we use our in-house mailing machine to print addresses on your materials. After the addresses are printed on the pieces, we can then sort them into proper containers.
  • Sorted mail can now be delivered to the USPS facility to be distributed to your audience. We can obtain proof of the mail delivery to our clients so you know exactly when and where your pieces went.

Our three main solutions range in price and can be quoted based on the volume of mailing and your needs.

  • Carrier Route Address Printing
  • Targeted Mailing
  • EDDM


Direct Mailing Pricing

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