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Restaurant Reopening Solutions

We have great options to let your neighbors know you’re ready to serve up great meals!

A Total Package

Few industries have been impacted more than the restaurant industry. Economic hardship, uncertainty and a new standard of safety has made it difficult for restaurants to keep their doors open.

In the midst of this global hardship, we’ve developed Restaurant Reopening solutions that have worked wonders for our existing restaurant clients, and can do the same for you. The quick fingers of our designers and wide array of in-house printing services are at the ready to provide you an epic comeback that is compliant with the CDC mandates and guidelines.

It is important to adapt to these uncertain times and look for opportunities to get business back on track and keep your patrons in the know. Keeping a restaurant open in this age can be a headache, but Pulsar Print is here to make things a little easier.

Disposable Menus

In the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is important for Restaurants and Diners to give their guests the feeling of safety.

Our One-Time Use menus fit all of your menu items on one inexpensive sheet of paper to give to your patrons and dispose after use.

The CDC recommends all menus adhere to this method and we are here to make that change easy and affordable.
Check out our disposable menu prices here.

Laminated QR Code Stickers

Touch-less solutions are the new trend among restaurants for providing guests with safe access to your menu. 

For only $250 you get the following:

  • (30) 3″x4″ Laminated Table Stickers with a QR link to your menu and your restaurant logo.
  • (2) 12″x18″ Posters with a QR link to your menu and your restaurant logo.

Giving your patrons a sense of security in these uncertain times is now available at an affordable cost!

Postcard Mailing

Getting the word out about your restaurant reopening is the most important part in this stage of the pandemic. Therefore, a mail campaign is invaluable for reaching people who are staying indoors.

A simple “We’re Open” postcard can build tremendous awareness for your neighbors that you’re ready to serve them. Blending our expert design and direct mailing expertise, we can quickly drive up your business.

We break down your surrounding area into zones that can be hand picked by you or our team to ensure your neighborhood stays up-to-date on your business.

For more information check out our direct mail marketing page for a rundown on our mailing solutions.

Announcement Banners

A simple banner saying “Now Open for Dine In” or “Grand Re-Opening” is a must have for alerting passer-bys and potential patrons. Most importantly, it should be succint and bold in its design.

Print your message at any size on our durable banner material. Building awareness is the key ingredient in your plan to reopening your restaurant

For more information on our wide format services, check out our wide format page to find out more.

Get the Word Out Now!

In conclusion, it is the time to get the word out about your restaurant to your neighbors. Get a head start by requesting a quote for one of our above solutions.

For restaurant guidelines from the CDC please check them out here.

What About a Takeout?

Takeout menus are still an essential item for restaurants. They spread the word of your business better than anything! Check out our takeout menu options and get started today!